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Project specific solutions are standard at Geotech Metals.

Our possibilities comply with your demands

We offer a wide range of self-drilling anchoring systems, since every project demands a specific solution. Geotech Metals can support during the design or assist with project specific issues. This way, we offer a complete solution which is completely based on your structural demands and expectations.

The most important aspect of our products is that we can easily deviate from the standard range and create optimizations better suited to your specific demands. For example, we can easily change the unit lengths of the hollow bars or even develop a new anchor type if this is demanded from our clients. This enables our clients to create a financial and/or practical benefit in comparison to their competitors. Project examples can be found on our news page.

Harmonized hollow bars, couplers, hexagonal nuts and drill bits are the core of our Geotech self-drilling anchoring system. The hollow bar, coupler and hexagonal nut are the structural elements of the anchoring system, which will be stressed with tensile, compressive and/or cyclical loads in the final situation.

The sole function of the drill bit is to ensure the anchor reaches its designed depth. The decision to apply a specific type of drill bit is depending on the local soil conditions where the anchor needs to be installed. Depending on the type of drill bit, a specific size of the grout root body is created during the installation of the anchor. In case of sand and soft clay soils, drill bit diameters can be customized.

Available types of drill bits:

Cast clay drill bit – for use in sand, clay and loose gravel;
Cast cross drill bit – for use in loose to medium dense sand, hard clay and gravel;
Carbide cross drill bit – for use in medium to dense sand, clay or fractured rock formations and concrete;
Carbide button drill bit – for use in hardened rock formations and concrete;

In addition to the above mentioned standard components of the Geotech self-drilling anchoring system, we supply a wide variety of auxiliary products which simplify the drilling and installation proces. One example of such a product is a bayonet. A bayonet basically is a modified coupler that enables the anchor to be installed below the existing ground levels by de-coupling. A bayonet is often applied when installing micropiles as tension piles or anti-uplift anchors in constructions below ground water level, like basements, tunnel or parking garages. By using a bayonet, the micropile can be installed before excavation or pumping out the ground water in the construction pit.

Auxiliary products:

  • Anchor chairs
  • Centralizers
  • Wedge discs
  • Sealing caps
  • Anchor plates
  • Hollow/spherical ring sets
  • Adapters
  • Packers
  • Any other required custom product

Next to all aforementioned products of the self-drilling anchoring system, Geotech also offers a large range of drilling accessories. These accessories enable you to immediately start using our products. Geotech Metals supplies all necessary items which are required on-site, including flushing rods, flushing adapters, flushing rings or shank adapters. Supplying the correct flushing equipment to our clients is very important to offer the full potential of the Geotech Metals self-drilling anchoring system. Geotech Metals exclusively offers parts from reputable companies like KLEMM, HÜTTE, EURODRILL, KRUPP, SYSBOHR, etc.

Our stock contains a range of products that fit to multiple shank adapters, like T45, H55, H64, RT70 and H112. Other standard types of adapters for shank adapters are available on request.

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