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The self-drilling anchoring system of Geotech Metals is suited for both permanent and temporary works.

An optimal protection

The trapezoidal geometry of the thread creates an optimal bond with the cement grout body. This results in a sustainable product that is well protected against corrosion.

One particular design philosophy that can be applied to the structural design of the self-drilling anchoring system is using sacrificial steel as a form of corrosion protection. This means considering the loss of cross-sectional area during the designed lifespan of the hollow bar system (hollow bars and couplers). This philosophy is applied by many contractors and design offices when designing self-drilling anchoring systems in the Netherlands.

When clients or national guidelines demand, Geotech Metals can supply its self-drilling anchoring system with additional corrosion protection measures:

  • Hot-dip galvanizing according to EN 1461;
  • Double coating system according to EN15773.

Hot-dip galvanizing 
During this method, our products first are thoroughly cleaned and are given a flux treatment. After this, the materials are submerged in a bath with liquid zinc and are taken out after a predetermined time to ensure the correct thickness of the zinc. The zinc in this bath has such a high temperature that the steel reacts with the zinc. This hot-dip galvanizing treatment covers the steel with a layer of zinc to protect the steel from corrosion.

Duplex coating system
This corrosion protection method has the same purpose as hot-dip galvanizing of the steel. Prior to this treatment the steel will be blasted so the coating layers are adhere optimally to the material. One epoxy-zinc coating and one finishing layer of epoxy coating or powder coating together form the duplex coating system.

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