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Self-drilling anchoring systems have already been used successfully on an international scale for decades.

Various application options

The concept of the self-drilling anchoring system is characterized by a hollow bar which is equipped with a coarse screw-thread across it’s entire length.

The threaded surface is applied by means of cold-deformation on a seamless pipe. This prevents loss of material and doesn’t negatively effect its strength properties. The Geotech self-drilling anchoring system meets all of the requirements and is in full compliance with all of the requirements as stated in EN14199:2015 Micropiles, EN1537:2013 Ground Anchors and Eurocodes 2, 3 and 7, based on the correct application of the system.

The hollow bar acts as both a drilling and injection bar during installation and as a tendon, compression and/or reinforcing element in the final construction. During installation, a bond is created between the grout root body and surrounding soil layers. This creates a foundation element which is capable of resisting tensile, compressive and cyclical loads.

The self-drilling anchoring system of Geotech Metals can be used as:

  • Tie-Back anchoring in construction pits, quay walls, embankments, temporary sheet piles and retaining walls;
  • Micropiles against flotation in (submerged) concrete floors of construction pits or tunnel entrances;
  • Micropiles in pile and pad foundation for utility buildings, underpinning for existing structures and repairs;
  • Soil nailing of ground blankets and wall stabilization’s;
  • Wall and shaft stabilization for mining and tunneling;
  • For specific applications, such as geothermal energy, jet grouting and other injection techniques.

The system is always designed project specifically using a standard element length of 3, 4, 6 or 7 meters. Other lengths are available on request.

The self-drilling anchoring system of Geotech Metals is installed in accordance with a clear repeating principle. The system is suitable for installation by means of a rotary percussive drilling technique as well as a torque rotary drilling technique without impact energy. During installation a support liquid can be used in the borehole, depending on the local soil conditions. No temporary casings are required, making this installation process fast and easy, which offers flexibility and reliability in the construction schedule. This installation method makes the self-drilling anchoring system very suitable for application in situations with limited available space, restrictions on noise and vibration levels and diverse soil conditions.

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